Send a message to Rivian

VDL is negotiating its potential new production line with the American start up Rivian, a producer of electric cars. If we are to believe Rivian’s website, they are a company that contributes to the fight against climate change and wants to ‘preserve nature’ with their electric cars. However, if Rivian is really concerned about the… Continue reading Send a message to Rivian

Fighting spirit in Sittard

On 8 January, Red het Sterrebos organised a demonstration in Sittard for the preservation of the Sterrebos forest. Almost 200 people came, from all over the country, and there were speeches by action groups such as Fridays for Future and Amelisweerd niet Geasfalteerd, and departments of political parties. Check out our video and take action… Continue reading Fighting spirit in Sittard

VDL Nedcar’s uncivil behaviour calls for more action

On Saturday 23 October, Red het Sterrebos activists removed plastic from trees in the Sterrebos. This plastic had been applied by VDL Nedcar to prevent bats from hibernating in the forest. Since the Council of State has banned logging for the time being, it is only logical that the bats, a protected species, and other… Continue reading VDL Nedcar’s uncivil behaviour calls for more action