Manifestation at the court house

On 8 April, 44 forest protectors have been summoned to appear in court.
We are going to demonstrate in front of the court. Come all! Location: Sint Annadal 1, 6214 PA Maastricht. Date: 8 April. Time: 12:00

Why would you want to be here?

a) The people who have to appear in court can use some support.

b) because the cantonal judge does not give us the opportunity to make a comprehensive statement, we want to send a clear signal that it is not us but the capitalists and nature destroyers of VDL who should have been in court.

c) There is not much nature left in the Netherlands. We will make a clear statement that every square metre must be defended.

d) after the demonstration, from 13:30, we are going to chill at the Sustainability Hub on the Tapijn terrain, Sint Hubertuslaan 12, there is opportunity to exchange stories and experiences.

Make sure to bring an umbrella!