Sterrebos Occupation!

From 28 January to 8 February – 12 days in a row – we occupied the Sterrebos, as an ultimate attempt to preserve this forest from being cut down.

VDL Nedcar plans to build a new production line on the site of the centuries-old forest. An expansion that could have been planned differently, and which is perhaps not necessary at all. We reject the compensation plans: this forest is irreplaceable.

The Sterrebos is lost, but the battle for the preservation of forests continues. We have shown every company in the Netherlands that you cannot destroy nature just like that.

On our website you can find all the blogs we have written about the occupation and more.

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How can you help out?

Come around to show your solidarity to the climbers! Your support is of huge added value!

Action Consensus

The action consensus is a binding framework in which we do our occupation and all our actions. The action consensus is important because then we are all on the same page, and it shows that we support each other inside and outside the action.

  • We act in a de-escalating manner: The police and the employees of VDL Nedcar are not our target. We do not use violence against humans and other animals. We will be acting calm, autonomously and determined to reach our goal. The safety of all participants is our priority, especially when climbing.
  • We fight oppression: Our fights are feminist, antifascist, antiracist, antiableist, queer, anticapitalist, anti-speciesist, against antisemitism and every other form of oppression. We want to become more aware of everyday and structural discrimination and actively take steps against it. We empower each other to stand up against toxic masculinity. This is a continous learning process. To learn and improve we are critical of ourselves, listen and open to feedback.
  • We are in solidarity: with Earth defenders everywhere, specifically indigenous groups who are fighting on the frontline against colonialism and environmental destruction for centuries already. We stand with the workers at VdL Nedcar for good working conditions and green job opportunities for everyone.
  • All contributions are needed and valued: There are many ways we support each other inside and outside the forest, from providing donations to cooking and cleaning to building treehouses and compost toilets. We embed care and attention in our actions. We embrace a diversity of tactics and discuss our criticisms about others in non-violent ways and internally. 
  • Repression: We do not talk to the police, because they will use anything you say against us. You can direct the police to our police spokesperson. In a racist system people are treated different by police. Especially, if you are white, male, cis, able bodied and have papers, reflect on your position toward the police, who are enforcing racist and transphobic institutional system. We have each other’s backs inside and after the occupation.
  • Exit strategy: Our goal is to save the forest from destruction. A forest occupation is generally harmful for the forest and its natural inhabitants. If it is clear that the forest will not be cut, ‘Red het Sterrebos’ will end the occupation and will allow the forest to return to its natural state, allowing it to become a safe refuge for the natural inhabitants of the forest once again.
  • Decision making: When times allows it, we will try to make decisions based on consensus as much as possible. We will try to ensure that everyone is heard and therefore listen to, and lift the voices of marginalised groups. 
  • Covid-19: We recognize the dangers of the Corona virus, but we also recognize that we need to act now to save the forest. We will try to keep distance where possible and we will wear masks inside. We ask everyone to take a self test before coming to the forest and regularly during the occupation.

See you in the forest!