VDL Nedcar’s uncivil behaviour calls for more action

On Saturday 23 October, Red het Sterrebos activists removed plastic from trees in the Sterrebos. This plastic had been applied by VDL Nedcar to prevent bats from hibernating in the forest. Since the Council of State has banned logging for the time being, it is only logical that the bats, a protected species, and other animals should be able to move freely through their forest again. 

VDL Nedcar reacted indignantly to this rescue action and immediately reported it. They also closed off the forest, which had previously been open to the public, with barbed wire and guards. The company has managed to persuade the province to allow them to reseal the bat holes.

Red het Sterrebos is appalled by the uncivil actions of the company, which clearly shows it does not care about biodiversity. In these times of climate and ecological crisis, we find it preposterous that such far-reaching measures are taken for the expansion of a car factory and to make the forest uninhabitable for its original inhabitants. We also find it downright anti-social to close off a beautiful forest and national monument to the public.  Red het Sterrebos will not leave it at that. We will announce further actions. Keep an eye on our website.