VDL’s dirty game

The trees that were moved by VDL as part of the 'compensation' plans

The Sterrebos has been cut down. One of the few ancient pieces of forest with enormous biodiversity has been sacrificed for an extra factory hall of VDL Nedcar, one of the many companies of the billionaire family van der Leegte. The pater familias, Wim van der Leegte, has been in the top 10 of the… Continue reading VDL’s dirty game


Day 8 of the Star Forest occupation has arrived. The remaining two ‘bats’ continued working yesterday to expand their habitat in height and width. Disaster almost struck when Ed lost his spoon at a great height. Fortunately, the spoon fell right on the roof of his temporary home and he won’t have to eat with… Continue reading Expansion

Rivian, master of greenwashing and empty promises

Rivian, VDL Nedcar’s intended new customer, is not only a problematic guest in Limburg. In Georgia, in the United States, concerned residents are waging a campaign to preserve the surrounding nature against the arrival of a mega Rivian plant. The group, No2Rivian, started last month and has launched a website and a petition. . The… Continue reading Rivian, master of greenwashing and empty promises

An eventful week…

A new day, day seven, has dawned in the Sterrebos. There are two more forest protectors in the trees: Ed and Maarten. Unfortunately, one of the activists, Lou, who was in the old oak forest, was grabbed in the collar by a guard last night when she had to go to the ground for a… Continue reading An eventful week…