“We can open the sliding door”

It is already day six in the trees for Maarten, Ed and Lou. They are still in high spirits. Maarten says: “The hammock is very comfortable – Last night I slept 9 to 10 hours.”

Ed and Lou have organized their supply bags chronologically: breakfast, snacks, dinner. They say “The storm has passed and it’s not raining anymore, so we can open the sliding door!”

The three forest protectors are supplied with a hot meal and other provisions every day. They can can still keep this up for a long time.

Meanwhile, the support for this brave action is growing across the country. The idea that the beautiful oak forest would soon be cut down by brute force is truly unbearable.

What can you do? You can support with money or with your time. Call on Rivian via your social media to ensure that the forest is preserved in a possible deal with VDL Nedcar. Come to the forest to flyer and talk to people close to Maarten’s tree, help in the kitchen or with logistics.