Solidarity demonstration sunday @Sterrebos

Save the forest keep the tree, along with job security!

The organisations in solidarity that earlier took the initiative for the declaration of support are now calling for a big protest on Sunday at the Sterrebos:

On Friday 28 January, a brave group of forest protectors occupied the Sterrebos. They protested against the construction of a factory hall on the site of this 18th century forest full of (protected) species. In times of climate disruption and loss of biodiversity, the cutting of the Sterrebos is an absurd project.

VDL Nedcar tries to mislead workers into thinking that without felling they will lose their jobs. However, the factory could also be built elsewhere on the site. Save the forest keep the tree, along with job security!

Despite an enormous police presence, nightly harassment by private security guards and a storm, the forest protectors, high up in the trees in hammocks, are still hanging on. With our action, we want to show the forest protectors our love!
This Sunday, we will travel from all over the country to the Sterrebos in Born, in Limburg. At 14:00 we will protest in favour of the forest protectors and against the cutting down of the Sterrebos. Gather at Mitsubishi Avenue, Born.

We will arrange shuttle buses from train stations in the region to the demonstration. There will be busses going from Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam. For the bus you can sign up here.

Share this call in your organization and network. In the coming days, we will come with updates with final practical information!

Click here to download mobi-posters for the protest!