Despite tight surveillance more activists in Sterrebos

February 5, 2022

Early this morning about thirty activists tried to reach the Sterrebos near VDL Nedcar in Limburg. Since Friday, January 28, the forest has been occupied by an environmental activist who wants to protect the forest from logging for expansion of the car factory. Eight activists managed to climb a tree during the action. Over 14 people were arrested. A total of eleven forest protectors are now in the trees of the Sterrebos, two of whom have been there for over a week. The forest is strictly secured by security guards, police and fences. 

The Sterrebos is located on the grounds of VDL Nedcar near Born. It is a 200 year old forest that is part of the estate of Wolfrath Castle. VDL Nedcar plans to cut down the forest for an expansion of their car factory. According to them, this expansion is necessary to attract a potential new customer and the forest has to go. The forest is home to protected species, including bats and badgers.

The action group Save the Sterrebos, which organized the occupation, speaks of a successful action. We are very happy that there is now reinforcement in the forest so that we can continue the occupation.


VDL Nedcar has deployed security guards to stop people who want to enter or exit the forest. Fences have also been placed around the entire forest area. The activists indicate that not all security guards behave properly, especially towards female activists. For example, a woman was stopped while she went to relieve herself. The action group states that last night a group of male security guards intimidated and endangered a female activist by poking her with sticks. ‘We find this behavior really unacceptable. We are conducting a peaceful action and there is no reason for us to be approached in a sexist and intimidating way,’ says a spokeswoman.