Will Rivian save the Sterrebos?

On Friday, January 21, we sent a letter to Rivian, urging them to preserve the Sterrebos. On Monday we got a reply from the car company: they say they are going to discuss stopping negotiations. Since this company claims to have the same passions as we do, they obviously have no choice but to preserve the forest.

As VDL Nedcar’s only potential customer, they have the power to preserve the forest. You can help to keep up the pressure by emailing, tweeting, and calling Rivian, because this one email is not enough. Read more here.

Read Rivian’s response below:

Thanks so much for reaching out. It’s great to hear that you share the same passion as us in fighting against climate change and biodiversity loss. Sustainability is incredibly important to help the planet now so we can leave it healthy for future generations to come.

I completely understand the need to help preserve the ancient Dutch forest, and your honesty and feedback regarding stopping negotiations with VDL Nedcar will be passed along to the proper teams. In addition, they’ll be sure to reach out if they have any questions.

I truly appreciate your efforts to save the forest and please feel free to reach out at any time if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help.