Alternatives to logging never seriously examined

VDL continually maintains that there are no alternatives to the destruction of the Sterrebos. However, these alternatives do exist. Today we spoke with a former VDL manager who sees how his plan, in which the Sterrebos is preserved, was ignored by the province authorities.  

Emile Schreurs has worked for VDL Nedcar since 1980, and was head of production at the bodyshop until about 2005. In April 20

19 he attended the presentation on the “Area Development VDL Nedcar” in which some variants were presented for the expansion of the factory.

Emile wrote to the province to get attention for the so-called “Yard along A2” option. On September 16, 2019, he received the response: VDL Nedcar does not consider the option realistic. 

The option was turned down partly because it would have far-reaching consequences for the surrounding area. However, there was an important element in it whereby the Sterrebos would be preserved. The body shop can be turned a quarter and located in the current compensation forest, in front of the Wolfrath Castle. The reason that moving the body shop was rejected was the “cultural-historical consequences”. As if the forest itself does not also have cultural-historical value! 

The preservation of the Sterrebos was never seriously investigated by VDL. According to Emile, nobody was interested in the preservation of nature and specifically the Sterrebos, and everything was already settled between the province and VDL. This element – the preservation of the Sterrebos by moving the body shop – is still possible, also within the current variant.